Listening to Webmasters Past

December 18, 2013

A reader recently posed the following: “Thank you for your overview of the rolls and skills involved in developing a church web site.  Could you explain further this sentence: ‘In particular, care needs to be taken with people who’ve worked … Continue reading …

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Minor Upgrade of Faith2012 and UU2011 Themes

July 17, 2012

Many thanks to Dan Flippo, webmaster of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Kent, for pointing out a typo in my WordPress themes.  I thought I had corrected it, but apparently the correction was not in the branch I published a couple of weeks ago. Download the newest version (2.2.1) here. Continue reading …

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WordPress Theme Upgrades: Faith2012 and UU2011

July 2, 2012

I’ve just completed upgrades for both the Faith2012 and UU2011 WordPress themes. Both upgrades are minor — from version 2.1 to 2.2. Learn more about why and how to upgrade. Continue reading …

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Sunshine and Starlight on My Face Again

June 24, 2012

“There is a pervasive form of contemporary violence to which the idealist… most easily succumbs: activism and overwork. The rush and pressure of modern life are a form, perhaps the most common form, of its innate violence. To allow oneself … Continue reading …

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Staying Ahead of the Web Tech Curve -and- How Not to Drown in the Tidal Wave of Info

November 26, 2011

There’s an enormous, groaning smorgasbord of tech news resources out there begging for your time and attention. Worse, many of them are first rate. It’s drinking water from a fire hose. How do you keep from downing? The key is simple: find the ones you enjoy the most. And be incredibly selective. Continue reading …

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Tips on Preventing Volunteer Burnout

November 17, 2011

Last week I finally added it up. I’m doing seven different volunteer jobs for my church this year. In case there was any doubt, it’s official: I’m a worker bee. But then again I’ve always liked the number seven, not … Continue reading …

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Assemble Your Web Redesign Team

October 26, 2011

Having wrapped up initial redesign planning, it’s time to gather your redesign team. For many of you, this will be where the rubber hits the road. Intertwined with creating a team are two key pieces: your budget and your content management system. Continue reading …

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Share Your Redesign Plans with Two Deliverables

October 18, 2011

Perhaps the most common mistake I see with website redesigns is jumping in at the deep end — going straight to design or code. My theory about why this happens so frequently is that it’s very human. We love to create. Specifically we love to create things. Continue reading …

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Website Needs Assessments and Surveys

October 4, 2011

Arguably the single most important step of a congregational website redesign is figuring out what users need — not what you think they need and certainly not just what you need — but what they really can use. Continue reading …

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Measure Your Site: Analytics and Beyond

September 28, 2011

Do you want to know what’s really happening on your congregation’s website — basing it on hard data instead of your best guess? Or would you like a few compelling graphics about your site to show leadership? It’s surprisingly easy … Continue reading …

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