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Listening to Webmasters Past

A reader recently posed the following: “Thank you for your overview of the rolls and skills involved in developing a church web site. Could you explain further this sentence: ‘In particular, care needs to be taken with people who’ve worked hard on the site in the past.’?” First of all, many thanks to you for inspiring […]

The Nine Roles and Skills that Make or Break Your Church Website

Congregational websites are suffering. Some are out-of-date, others are ugly or confusing, and many don’t give visitors the information they need. The good news is that typically it’s just one overarching issue that causes all of these problems — and it’s not that difficult to fix. The crux is role confusion combined with poor communication. […]

To Communicate with Grace

Five years ago, when listening to a sermon on music as a calling, I realized that if there truly are callings, then the Web is such for me. It was one of those moments of instant recognition, but more than that, it’s withstood a test of time. “How can the web be a calling?” I […]

How Chocolate Improves a Church Website

“The greatest problem with communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished.” — George Bernard Shaw Chocolate plays a pivotal role in my church’s Communication Committee, the mother of our website. In case you don’t believe me, check out the foreground of this photo of us from three years ago. The back row is […]

Church Communications: All Things to All People?

A series of great comments (Jess, Lizard Eater, Philocrites, and Mark Alves) reminded me of an ah-ha moment I had several months ago. I went to my church’s first visioning meeting fired up and ready to tell the world how important communications were. I thought (correctly) that most congregants didn’t know how much pressure was […]