Measure Your Site: Analytics and Beyond

Do you want to know what’s really happening on your congregation’s website — basing it on hard data instead of your best guess? Or would you like a few compelling graphics about your site to show leadership? It’s surprisingly easy to do this with a new breed of software tailored to websites, loosely named “analytics.” […]

Start Redesign Right: Organize Your Dreams

The very first step of a great redesign is ridiculously simple. It’s to dream — dream big even — and then (here’s the key) capture your ideas and organize them. To do this, you’ll need a place to record not just these thoughts, but other plans as you get further into the redesign. This is […]

Web Tools for Volunteer Management

Like any other nonprofit, small or large, churches tend to rely heavily on help from volunteers to make things happen. Whether or not your staff includes a volunteer coordinator, you can keep a few guidelines in mind that will make the whole volunteer experience happier and more fulfilling for all involved (yes, staff included).

Redesign. On a Whim.

A redesign. It started a week ago when at last I faced facts. The time had come to add social media icons to this site. Everywhere I looked there were articles on how easy it was to add a Google+ button. But more to the point, I should have done this some time ago for Facebook and Twitter.

Google+ Invitations

I have a sense that Google+ is going to be much more faith-friendly than any social media to date. It’s the granular privacy that’s key. But I’m really new to it — and unlike members of the tech press, who have been driving me nuts with their endless reviews and tips before most people have […]